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June 2019: Fay launches FAY Archive, a line of outerwear that brings back the brand’s original workwear and outdoor attitude. The story of Fay began in the first half of the 80s from the intuition of the Della Valle brothers to establish a particular jacket model, inspired by by the one used by firefighters in Maine.

In the second half of the 80’s, thanks to a few, now iconic details, such as the four metal plated hooks, the cotton canvas of American inspiration, the leather sleeve trims and the corduroy collar, Fay jackets became cult pieces across the world: in Italy, they became staples of a gentleman’s wardrobe mixing their workwear heritage with a more urban look.

Fay Archive is true to the brand’s original DNA as seen through the eyes of Alessandro Squarzi, explorer and expert in men’s style, in these first 2 chapters. From this, a contemporary edition of the glorious 4 Ganci firefighter jacket is born to experiment with a style that one can wear over a very long period of time; owning a Fay Archive item means being in a very contemporary context that expresses a connection to the outdoors and it is free from the obligations of seasons and fashion trends.

Discover the look
ss20 look 01
ss20 look 02
ss20 look 03
ss20 look 04
ss20 look 05
ss20 look 06
ss20 look 07
ss20 look 08
ss20 look 09
ss20 look 10
ss20 look 11
ss20 look 12
ss20 look 13
ss20 look 14
ss20 look 15
ss20 look 16
ss20 look 17
ss20 look 18
ss20 look 19
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