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Fay Archive - Field Test No. 28

From Salmon Bay to Cape St Mary's

To the south of the island of Newfoundland – at Cape St Mary's to be exact – Northern Gannets -return to breed each year. Luka is a photographer and researcher who, during his seasonal expeditions across the rocky and unspoilt areas of this oasis, follows the bird migration patterns and keeps track of them.

Testing: the new padded jacket


Testing: the new padded jacket

Autumn/Winter 23-24 collection


Northern Gannets are true seabirds. This means they spend most of their lives at sea, even sleeping on the water. They only return to land for a short period of time every year, to nest and find their partners.”

Serbia-born Luka lives with his family in Montreal: his love of wild nature and wildlife made Canada the perfect choice. He collaborates with researchers from ecological and nature reserves throughout the region to map and document the birds’ movements.

Testing: the new padded jacket


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