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The Jazzmandu Festival Founder

Fay Archive - Field Test No. 27

Kathmandu, Nepal

The last stop in Nepal. Upon their return to Kathmandu – at the end of a long journey that took them through valleys, mountains and plateaus from Mustang to Langtang Valley – the Fay Archive team met up with Chhedup Bomzan, the founder of the Jazzmandu Festival.

Testing: 4 Ganci

The Spring/Summer 2023 collection

“Jazz is still pretty popular in Nepal. I opened a bar twenty years ago and this is where the festival first took shape. Nowadays, I’m constantly looking for places where the sound can scatter throughout a picturesque natural setting.”

In addition to owning the Jazz Upstairs Café, Chhedup is also the organiser of the Jazzmandu Festival, an event that brings musicians from all over the world to Kathmandu. He can often be found setting off, on the back of his Royal Enfield motorbike, to explore the valleys and plateaus in search of future event sites.