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Forged in the Usa, Cooled in Italy: the journey around the Archives of Fay began in 2019, bringing together the true spirit of American workwear with innate Italian style. Discover Fay Archive and the Brand's authentic workwear heritage.

Fay Archive


“It’s just the purity and the clarity of the water... it’s like another world.” Extreme sports enthusiasts Heidar and Elli, let us accompany them on a dive that journeys between two continents.

Fay Archive


“I never know when I go to the beach what is going to meet me. Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes quite a lot. I find it quite noble to work with driftwood because it has travelled for years in the ocean and the salt preserves it." And thus, the Fay Archive adventure continues to places where nature sets all the rules.

Fay Archive


Fay Archive is angled by true passions, just like those that Erik holds dear for fly fishing and his land. We caught up with him at his typical workplace: the banks of Iceland's Blanda River.

Fay Archive


Inspiration, creativity and a sustainable idea. The 4 Ganci wears its original canvases in an exclusive limited edition version that conserves the long history of the brand among its stitching.

Fay Archive


Every day, Lawrie sets out to explore the North Sea waters in the vicinity of Dunbar, in North East Scotland. His daily routine is set by the rhythm of the waves breaking on the “Tangaroa”, his main fishing boat. A blustery wind blows along these coasts in spring and summer and the temperatures can vary significantly.

Fay Archive


In ancient Polynesian societies, surfing was interwoven with every aspect of daily life: family, work, religion… Today, it is a passion for the bold, for those unafraid of the wind and cold. Fay Archive sets off on a voyage of discovery of volcanic landscapes, big waves and breath-taking cliffs as seen through the eyes of Joey, the surfboard builder who analyses, designs and creates the perfect boards for the next free ride.

Fay Archive


We set off on a journey to discover the Finnish Lapland, the land of Northern Lights, ice igloos and magical midnight suns. We chose the Arctic Circle for its famed icy temperatures, to meet reindeers and wolfs, sledging and the warmth of a red-hot glowing fire.

Fay Archive


Nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps, a stunning natural scenario opens up with snowcapped mountains, a vigorous body of water flowing through the valley and lots of trees to boost wildlife. The perfect environment to explore with Fay Archive and its iconic 4 Ganci.

Fay Archive


Rikard Rietz is a young documentary filmmaker who splits his time between his city life and the vastness of nature. A free man who decides to respond to the ancestral call of the earth, devoting to the traditional work of his family: a small business of the highest quality dairy products. An ordinary life in the open spaces of the cold Swedish countryside, made of long days starting at the crack of dawn.

Fay Archive


Fay Archive goes back to Gotland once again, in the cold northern European lands, to tell the story of a solitary man and his deep passion for hard work and to try out his jackets with a workwear soul. Rolf manufactures boats: in the small sheds of his yard the wood comes to life thanks to his handcraft, turning into something unique.

Fay Archive


Once again Fay Archive sets out in search of faraway, extraordinary places to meet independent men, proud of the hard work they do with visceral passion, and to let them try out its jackets. The hidden island of Gotland thus becomes the evocative backdrop for the daily portraits of a herring fisherman.

Fay Archive


Our "tests", based in the most remote places on the earth, continue. People who put their hearts and souls into their jobs, all while testing out the resilience of our jackets. Davide Monteleone reports. Andrei, a lumberjack, is the protagonist in this story.

Fay Archive


Becoming a fisherman requires hard work, tenacity and determination. A continuous dialogue with the river with a view to revealing its secrets, as portrayed by artist and photojournalist Davide Monteleone among remote landscapes that magically come to life. Discover the Field Test.

Fay Archive


An eternal story, in a land without a beginning or an end. Davide Monteleone's intense photography explores the concept of complicity in the noble relationship between man and horse, investigating the art of horse breeding made of commitment, passion, competence and dedication.

Fay Archive


Listen to the desert as it wakes, feel the heat rise from behind the dunes and watch as the dromedaries, dotted all around, break up the vast, open spaces. Can anyone resist the call of the desert?

Fay Archive


Beyond time and trends, Fay’s Archive journey continues, portraying the Brand’s great history of discovery, where the authentic spirit of American workwear meets quintessential Italian taste.

Fay Archive


The grand tradition of American, outdoor pieces meets the taste and elegance of Italian lifestyle. Discover Fay Archive and the Brand's authentic workwear heritage.