The adventurers


Fay Archive - Field Test No. 11

Silfra, Iceland

“We’ve been pushing each other to go further and never know what’s going to happen.” In Reykjavík, we met up with Heidar and Elli - a carpenter and photographer by trade respectively - two adventure-seeking friends who love outdoor living. These two extreme sports enthusiasts let us accompany them on a dive that journeys between two continents.

Testing: the 4 Ganci and Overshirt


In these icy, crystal-clear waters, the visibility is simply breathtaking and provides a front-row seat to a unique underwater panorama: the Silfra fissure - a constantly moving rocky rift - where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet and are moving apart at a rate of two centimetres a year. “A kind of meditation” for the two friends. “It’s just the purity and the clarity of the water... it’s like another world.” This awe-inspiring, natural setting was captured by the expert eye of James Mollison - a photographer and anthropologist - who skilfully captured the essence of our journey to this land of great contrasts, including the evocative views and passion-filled faces of the Icelandic men.