The Climbing Instructors


Fay Archive - Field Test No. 14

Las Palestras, Chile

“I remember the first time I climbed and got to the top, I had a feeling of happiness and freedom. That feeling of success is priceless and I love it.” Constanza and Vìctor's passion struck us immediately. This young undaunted duo travel the length and breadth of their country to impart climbing techniques and their deep fascination of the sport on anyone eager to listen.

The Chilean Diaries

From the Atacama Desert to the San Isidro lighthouse, our search for Field Testers takes us on an all-Chilean adventure along this over 4000 km-long country, considered to be the longest in the world. A journey centred around passion-filled, independent men and women who live and breathe nature and can truly put our jackets to the test.

“We are dedicated to spread climbing as a way to preserve these spaces.”

With the vast array of mountains and many peaks still to be conquered, the Andes truly are a rock climber’s paradise. A sport that becomes a lifestyle: when you spend endless hours in contact with nature - literally attached to the rocks - and feeling at one with the surrounding landscape, you can't help but want to preserve it, so that it can continue to fascinate generations of like-minded climbers for a long time to come.

The Blacksmith