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Fay Archive - Iceland: Field Test #9

Testing: The Fay Archive 4 Ganci

“I’d say passion is a blessing. You can be good at something, but you’re blessed if you’re good and you’re passionate about something – but you’re lucky if you’re not good at something but still passionate about it.”
Fay Archive is angled by true passions, just like those that Erik holds dear for fly fishing and his land. We caught up with him at his typical workplace: the banks of Iceland's Blanda River, where he expertly guides the fishermen who have been drawn to the area by the renowned strength of the salmon that can be caught there.

Discover the Fay Archive 4 Ganci

“You’re present, you listen to the water, the drifts, the currents. For some it may appear lonely standing at the river everyday but for me it’s a sensation of being full, complete.” An incredible sense of freedom, wild landscapes as far as the eye can see and a powerful glacial river at his feet; all of which is worth experiencing and protecting. Passion, perseverance and authenticity: the founding elements of Fay Archive.