The Cliff Driver


From Pokhara to Jomsom, Nepal

The small city of Pokhara is the starting point of one of most dangerous roads in the world. This unpaved route ascends for hundreds of kilometres along the cliffs towards Jomsom: and it is here that the Fay Archive team hopped aboard Dev Tamang’s bus.

Testing: 4 Ganci

The Spring/Summer 2023 collection

“By now, I know almost all the holes, corners and rocks on this road. It is dangerous because it is very narrow with sheer drops on both sides.”

When the bus is empty, the tyres can’t get enough traction on the dirt and the small, sharp stones make stopping to change the tyres, a frequent occurrence. Sometimes, cars slide down the escarpment or boulders fall from above. In short, Dev puts his life at risk every day but does so in order to provide for his family.


Coming soon: Tester No. 25

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