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Fay Archive - Field Test No. 29

From Sheshatshiu, North West River to Salmon Bay

Salmon Bay Farm is a plot of land on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, on the northern coast of Quebec. It is here that the Roberts family has farmed scallops and caught lobsters for generations aboard a motor boat that their father built 20 years ago.

Testing: 4 Ganci


Testing: 4 Ganci

Autumn/Winter 23-24 collection


“The climate here is unpredictable. We sometimes leave in the morning with the sun beating down on us and the sea nice and calm, to find ourselves shrouded in fog by lunchtime. No matter how harsh the conditions: we must continue. However, I do love my job and being outdoors. I wouldn't change a single thing about my life.”

The Roberts family consists of 5 brothers, all of whom have a specific role in the team. Coltan and Tristan started fishing with their father and grandfather at a really young age. The conditions are often difficult here. In December, for example, the temperature can drop to -40°.

Testing: 4 Ganci Long


Testing: 4 Ganci Long



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