High-altitude Sherpas

Fay Archive - Field Test No. 22

Langtang Valley, Nepal

A pristine pasture and sacred lake-filled region, overlooking peaks and glaciers. In Nepal's Langtang Valley – a place hit hard by the 2015 earthquake, which sits at an altitude that will quite literally take your breath away – the Fay Archive team met up with Sherpas Sonam and Onghu. They were the first Field Testers to help us reach new heights.

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The Spring/Summer 2023 collection


“When we head up the mountains in the winter months, we pile stones to mark the snow-laden path. A small shrine that also represents a spiritual homage.”

The two Sherpas live in a 200 people-strong village, situated 3800 metres above sea level. Onghu has attempted to climb Everest five times, and reached the summit on three of those occasions. After two nights of much-needed acclimatisation, the Fay Archive team began their ascent of the Kyanjin Ri Peak to reach a height of over 4300 MASL, with the Sherpas leading their way. The only time that light ever reached the path was at dawn.

Testing: Quilted Gilet


The Spring/Summer 2023 collection



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