The Seaweed Scavenger

Fay Archive - Field Test No. 31

From Blanc-Sablon to Grates Cove

The Grates Cove coast in Newfoundland, Canada, is unspoilt and cold. It is here that Terrence Howell studies the marine ecosystem. The Fay Archive team met up with him in his lab.

Testing: Sheepskin heavy jacket


Testing: Sheepskin heavy jacket

Autumn/Winter 23-24 collection


“For a short window of time, the summer to be exact, the oceans are calm. The rest of the year, on the other hand, is a whole other story. The Grates Cove coast is very wild, turbulent and cold. Our work is very physically demanding.”

A lot of time is spent finding good diving spots. Terrence sets off on long hikes between corridors of sharp rock where the water is usually calmer. He collects seaweed whilst taking care not to pull out the roots so that they can regrow, and analyses them in his laboratory to explore their impact on the marine ecosystem.