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Upcycling by Fay Archive


Cut&Sew Project

Fay Archive

It is the 1980s and the very first 4 Ganci Fay are becoming cult objects in the world’s capital cities. In the heart of the Marche, the Brand decides to carefully conserve the fabrics not used during the production of the iconic jacket, creating an archive of resources rich in history.

Forty years later, intrigued by workwear and the vintage world, Fay Archive goes back to its roots with a creative project that is both sartorial and sustainable. Inspired by an image of Bob Dylan in Long Beach in the 1970s, it transforms these precious scraps of fabric into unique and timeless new garments, stitching the 4 Ganci together using its original canvases to create an exclusive Cut&Sew edition.

Limited Edition

The result is the limited edition Fay Archive 4 Ganci Cut&Sew, production of which will continue while stocks of the raw material last: an authentic garment that conserves the long history of the brand among its stitching.

Limited Edition 4 Ganci Cut&Sew

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