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The Blacksmith

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Fay Archive - Field Test No. 15

Malalcahuello, Chile

We find ourselves in one of the remotest parts of Chile that has preserved its centuries-old tradition with an ironclad fervour. It is here that Pablo Guerrero has set up his own commissioned-knife artisan workshop, by combining his self-taught passion with an area-typical rare material: the fossilised wood of the Monkey Puzzle Trees, also known as Araucanía amber.

The Chilean Diaries

The Fay Archive expeditions continue along the longest country in the world as we search for authentic Field Testers: those who have opted for a precise, unusual, passion-filled and territory-linked profession. Individuals who can field-test our jackets and give us a glimpse of these unique yet often-challenging workplaces.

“The wood from the Araucaria tree is very special.”

The tree’s condensed resin - known as Picoyo - is obtained from fallen branches after a centuries-long natural process. It is just as distinctive as the forest itself: an expanse of canopies, surrounded by volcanoes, which seems to sit like graphic designs atop the enormous trunks covered with a thick and prickly bark that resembles the skin of an ageing elephant. 


The Maritime Archaeologist