The woodworker


Fay Archive - Field Test No. 10

Sandvík, Iceland

It is here that we met Daniel, a carpenter who sources his raw material from the beach, by procuring washed-up logs: “I never know when I go to the beach what is going to meet me. Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes quite a lot. I find it quite noble to work with driftwood because it has travelled for years in the ocean and the salt preserves it”.


A profession that requires experience, fortitude and a willingness to adapt, where you learn to read the vein markings and co-habit with a nature that seems almost invincible. “You automatically go inside when you get into the rhythm of carving. In my work I find it important to find the balance between how much I put in and how much I leave. There’s a thin red line that you need to find"... this is where ideas are transformed into beautiful objects, created by both the power of nature and humankind’s creativity.