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Poldo Dog Couture x Fay

A unique and distinctive style, attention to every detail, and high-quality materials: by dint of both companies’ shared founding values, Poldo Dog Couture and Fay have created a collection dedicated exclusively to man’s best friend. The iconic 3 Ganci model and cape boast a symbolic Fay garment-evoking line and feel, whilst the Yateh jumper showcases Native American culture-reminiscent colours and jacquard fabric... the highlight of the brand’s latest collection.

A prime example is Australian Shepherd Ugo, who enjoys a life marked by the rhythms of nature in the Carnic Alps with his owners, Rocco and Viola. They have recreated a small enchanted world at Borgo Eibn, nestled between majestic mountains and green Alpine pastures, where one can indulge in the all-but-forgotten luxury of savouring what the earth has to offer.

Sauris is a place where time seems to have stood still... it is immersed in an unspoilt, wild nature that jealously guards its centuries-old traditions. A relatively remote and therefore authentic oasis: it is right here, amongst the silence-shrouded centuries-old forests, that an ancient culture not only survives but blossoms, as evidenced by its proud and welcoming inhabitants.