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The brand’s history dates back to the early 1980s in the US, when Diego and Andrea Della Valle discovered the work jackets worn by the Maine fire department. Realising their potential, they took over the Fay brand, a specialist producer of technical garments for fishermen and firefighters, bringing it to Italy with a very clear idea: to adapt workwear into the urban environment.

The work jacket became an excellent solution for city life, and was soon elevated to cult status in capitals worldwide: the “Fay 4 Ganci”. The iconic jacket has constantly been redesigned and is now accompanied by a clothing range – focusing on outerwear – that stands out for materials with technical treatments, painstaking attention to detail and ultra-practical designs.

Deeply rooted in tradition and timeless elegance, today Fay continues to encapsulate its essence, combining the innovative materials and timeless features synonymous with authentic Italian outerwear: style, excellence and versatility.



The journey around the brand’s Archives began in 2019, bringing together the true spirit of American workwear with innate Italian style. Fay Archive returns to Fay’s DNA, celebrating its origins and widening them to suit every possible type of adventure, from city life to the great outdoors.

The result is a contemporary take on the glorious “Fay 4 Ganci”, adding new chapters to a story brimming with versatile clothes that can be worn forever, timeless icons, immune to passing seasons and fads. Owning a Fay Archive means expressing an outdoor attitude that is always in tune with the times.